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A Different Kind of Thanksgiving

For the first time ever in our sixteen year history, Teresa and I had the Thanksgiving dinner at our home last night. It was a different kind of Thanksgiving for me. My memories of Thanksgiving during my childhood and teenage … Continue reading

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Pretty Set Free in Time for Thanksgiving!

Autumn colors at Casa de Canterbury Pretty escaped the confinement of her hospital bed and the Magic Motion Machine yesterday afternoon and was deliriously happy to be liberated! When she went to her therapy session after her release, everyone was … Continue reading

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Breaking News – Pretty Update

Please pardon this interruption, but so many of our friends and family have asked about Pretty’s personal saga with her knee replacement which now includes another hospital stay this week for a second procedure three months after the original surgery. … Continue reading

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Try a Little Kindness

Our household at Casa de Canterbury has suffered a post-Election Day Depression that has cast a pall on our happiness in the past week. Charly and Spike and I have tried to rally to lift her spirits, but Pretty has … Continue reading

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Suzanne (Part I)

Originally posted on I'll Call It Like I See It:
Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river You can hear the boats go by, you can stay the night beside her And you know that she’s half-crazy, but…

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A Little Good News and Sweet Dreams

When I was a little tomboy growing up in Grimes County, Texas, which was one of the poorest counties in the rural southeastern Piney Woods side of the state, my dad’s brother, my Uncle Ray who lived in the big … Continue reading

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Back to the Basics: Seinfeld, Hot Dog Baskets and Yushino

Time to focus on the basics once again following the gut-wrenching defeat that was Election Day at Casa de Canterbury. Pretty and I stayed up until 3 o’clock this morning to watch the results by ourselves after our last two … Continue reading

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The Women on my Ballot in 2016

My wife Teresa a/k/a Pretty in cyberspace was on my ballot…as she left to vote at our precinct early this morning, I thought to myself how fortunate I am to be married to a woman who shares my passion for … Continue reading

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Dog Catcher Snatches Election Eve Exuberance

Our dog Spike is a Texas immigrant to South Carolina. We brought him from Worsham Street where he was unceremoniously dumped by an unknown person – possibly a UPS driver or FedEx person since these trucks always seem to annoy … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Rolls, POTUS and the Holidays

  The days grow short when you reach November…and even shorter now that we have kicked daylight savings to the curb. I’ve never been a fan of short days and long nights, but then I am not in charge of … Continue reading

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