Try a Little Kindness

Our household at Casa de Canterbury has suffered a post-Election Day Depression that has cast a pall on our happiness in the past week. Charly and Spike and I have tried to rally to lift her spirits, but Pretty has wrestled with her grief and discouragement and basic lack of faith in the goodness of the American people. We are a political household – actually activists in the LGBTQ movement for 30 years – and so have lost battles in our lives to bigotry and bullying rhetoric before, but I think we had wrongly believed we had as a nation moved past the hateful and harmful to the more harmonious.

In the midst of this overwhelming gathering of dark clouds of despair, we heard a knock at our door this afternoon. Pretty went to the door and saw a younger friend of ours named Travis who stood outside the door holding a gift bag and purple flowers. Attached to the gift bag was a wonderful letter, and I wanted to offer a portion of his letter as a perfect example of what is meant by trying a little kindness.


Hello my friends,

I have been thinking of you. While I have seen a lot of craziness posted on Facebook and through other media over the results of the Presidential Election, I wanted to spread hope and comfort. So, that is why this Democrat Care package has landed on your stoop…

Purple flowers – look at the beauty of these fine gifts of our Earth…today I want you to see how beautiful the purple is when red and blue come together…

Chocolate…lifesavers…a nice pen…you know the pen is mightier than the sword. Use it and your voice to protect reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, criminal reform, healthcare reform…

…if the chocolate does not work, ditch the flowers, wash the glass and pour a big glass of your favorite drink (wine, bourbon and Diet Coke all count). Drink that one glass and during that drink allow for anger, self-pity and worry, BUT never despair! When you are done reach out to me and let’s see how we can make a difference!

All my love,


Pretty and I were both moved by the letter, flowers, gift bag goodies and a card that all combined to make a Care package we will never forget. As he left, I looked at the sky and thought I detected a few rays of sunlight piercing the darkness that had been hovering over the gigantic oaks in our front yard. I think Pretty saw them, too.

Kindness really matters to everyone. Pass it on.



About Sheila Morris

Sheila Morris is an essayist with humorist tendencies and a passion for photojournalism. She has published four nonfiction books including two memoirs, an essay collection and a collection of her favorite blogs from I'll Call It Like I See It. She has been blogging for seven years as her alter ego, The Red Man, her rescued Welsh terrier but now is reduced to writing as herself since the Red Man left Casa de Canterbury for good in February of 2016. She is a displaced Texan living in South Carolina with her wife Teresa Williams and their dogs Spike and Charly.
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19 Responses to Try a Little Kindness

  1. Luanne says:

    What a beautiful thing to do. I don’t want to say gesture because it was more than a gesture. And I say wine, bourbon, and diet Coke all together might help. Add a liberal amount of Mountain Dew, please, since I like it only second to wine.

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  2. Nan says:

    Beautiful story! What a wonderful friend! Thanks, as always, for sharing!

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  3. Travis is the kind of medicine we all need — how lucky you are 😀

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