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the Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter holiday card collection

Following the shady corruption of power in the Nixon administration, the American people were ready for a newcomer outside the beltway of Washington, D. C. In walked Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter, a peanut farmer from Plains, who was a Sunday School teacher in … Continue reading

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and soon I’m two and seventy

I had a very sweet Happy Birthday message today on my Columbia High Class of 1964 message board from one of my boyfriends who I noticed had sent me birthday greetings for the past 3 years on this website which … Continue reading

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Road Trip Detours

Two possibilities exist to explain how any road trip from Auburn, Alabama to Gainesville, Florida passes through the tiny (pop. 683) town of Plains, Georgia: (a) you are way lost or (b) you really want to go there. For Pretty … Continue reading

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And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor

Just kidding – we don’t even have a sponsor to interrupt us, but I do have a few  pictures and thoughts to go with them. I’m taking a break from my PEST (Post Election Stressful Trauma) and concentrating on the … Continue reading

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