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Answer: 300 Million Dollars a Day (from the archives)

On October 27, 2011 I published the following post. I’m no foreign policy expert or even wonk, but I am devastated by the disastrous unraveling of order – the chaos that is Afghanistan as the United States leaves a country … Continue reading

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Big Money, Vanna

Who let the money out of the bag?   Oh, you mean who let the cat out of the bag.   No, I mean who let the money out of the big ol’ US Guvmint Bag?   Ah, how much money are we … Continue reading

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Answer: 300 Million Dollars A Day

Question:  How much does the United States spend on the War in Afghanistan? Sigh.   If only I’d been watching Jeopardy instead of 60 Minutes last night.   If only The Good Wife hadn’t moved to Sunday nights for the new fall … Continue reading

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