if I could turn back time…oh that’s right, I can

Each year we have an opportunity to turn back time for an hour which is probably less than Cher was singing about when she had her hit song but then hey, nothing’s perfect.

I don’t like fiddling around with time twice a year with the fall back, spring forward shenanigans we have manufactured to trick ourselves because doing so makes me question whether time is real or an illusion. If we can recklessly give and take an hour every year, who’s to say that hour really exists…and then I go downhill from there about the whole issues of time travel, is one hour really sixty minutes or is that just a television show, who shot JR…you see, some rabbit holes are better left to rabbits.

Today I watered the plants in the back yard which is a leading indicator of rain.

As the rain fell softly, I happened to look out in our front yard and saw the spectacular combination of the last brilliant summer pink crape myrtle blossoms competing with the burst of other colors that signify autumn is here.

I may have to turn back time tonight, but this is an hour I don’t want to lose.





About Sheila Morris

Sheila Morris is a personal historian, essayist with humorist tendencies, lesbian activist, truth seeker and speaker in the tradition of other female Texas storytellers including her paternal grandmother. In December, 2017, the University of South Carolina Press published her collection of first-person accounts of a few of the people primarily responsible for the development of LGBTQ organizations in South Carolina. Southern Perspectives on the Queer Movement: Committed to Home will resonate with everyone interested in LGBTQ history in the South during the tumultuous times from the AIDS pandemic to marriage equality. She has published five nonfiction books including two memoirs, an essay compilation and two collections of her favorite blogs from I'll Call It Like I See It. Her first book, Deep in the Heart: A Memoir of Love and Longing received a Golden Crown Literary Society Award in 2008. Her writings have been included in various anthologies - most recently the 2017 Saints and Sinners Literary Magazine. Her latest book, Four Ticket Ride, was released in January, 2019. She is a displaced Texan living in South Carolina with her wife Teresa Williams and their dogs Spike, Charly and Carl. She is also Naynay to her two granddaughters Ella and Molly James who light up her life for real. Born in rural Grimes County, Texas in 1946 her Texas roots still run wide and deep.
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23 Responses to if I could turn back time…oh that’s right, I can

  1. Wayside Artist says:

    Thank goodness you had time to savor that particular spectacle. Wow! Summer and Autumn rolled up in one. Time well spent and a photo to remember it by.
    Sleep in tomorrow if your body will let you. This is one time change I appreciate.

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  2. Bob Slatten says:

    Thanks the goddess for Cher to remind me of DST!
    We went down to Five Points last night to a Dios de Los Muertos festival and it poured all the way down there. luckily it stopped by the time we arrived. a great celebration!

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    • Bob, I’m so glad you wrote today – I have been trying to leave comments on your posts and lately the Robot thingie is so lengthy I give up on the comments…I love your posts and want to say something on them, too!!
      Glad you had fun in Five Points – I had some other friends down there, too! I admire your stamina!! 🙂


  3. Harry Hamid says:

    I got this mental image, after reading this post, of everybody celebrating the day we turn the clocks back by wearing the outfit that Cher wore in the video.

    Of course, if I ever tried that, even if everybody else was doing it, they’d cancel the idea forever.

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  4. At midnight, I fretted that maybe it was really 11 and that was too early for bed. At 12:30, I took my 2 awesome melatonin and wondered if I’d be able to sleep even though I’d been yawning for a good 30 minutes. At 1:30, I took my Ambien and thought maybe I’d lay down and contemplate things. I think this day has been slightly off kilter. I made myself get out and enjoy a truly stunning day. I’m still not quite sure what time it is. I wish they’d just leave the time one way or another.

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  5. rockyden says:

    I CAN’T blame you for not wanting to lose that one, that is so beautiful, fall colors. i have no trees in my yard, and 5 different types of weeds, and its full of sticker burrs, remember? over here in Texas, and they are all over the house in the carpet, they stick to the bottom of the soles of all the many visitors we have coming over to the house on a daily basis. You should see our , constantly running the vacuum cleaner, cursing every minute, she is hilarious. Say hello to all, and i will try to find some colors here, for the fall. It’s still hot, as if its July, makes me so mad.

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  6. Luanne says:

    What a beautiful moment in time. D’ya know we don’t change time here in Arizona-land? Everybody around us changes, and we just sit here. Winter time means I have to adjust my thinking for the California kids an hour behind me–but it also means I’m only two hours behind daughter in NYC and mother in Michigan instead of three. I’m already confused just writing this. No way to keep it all straight.

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  7. Susanne says:

    I like “fall back” Sunday because I DO trick myself into believing I have an hour more time and I feel so energized. Then it gets dark an hour earlier and I’m not so happy. Ah well.

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