Somebody STOP Me!

My apologies to my followers in 61 countries around the world (but especially to my top five followers for 2013: Wayside Artist, Bob Lamb the novelist, coyotero2112, peacelovegreatcountrymusic and currentdescendent) who have come to expect a certain quality of thoughtful essays on topics of general interest to my readers.  Thank you for your comments and encouragement as we make our way together through the confusion we recognize as our particular slice of life.

I felt the “thoughtful commentary” slipping a bit in my last post about the movies, but I moved gaily forward anyway and concluded my ramblings with the underlying themes of the films as a rationale for the previous post.  I have to say the response has been underwhelming which ought to make a blogger return to dance with the one who brung her.  Not so fast, my friend.

Today I sink to a new low, and I admit it before you read another word.  I have to blame my digression from thoughtful commentary on something so I will simply say it’s my time of the year.  The endless annual parade of entertainment Award Shows, Super Bowl, Westminster Dog  Show, the Australian Open Tennis Tournament and the extra overload of the Sochi Winter Olympics this year have combined to conspire against me.  Woe is me.  I have become a Best of the Best junkie.

Hello, my name is Sheila, and I am a BOTB junkie.  I admit it, and I will rise above it in future thoughtful commentary so forgive me this trespass today as I forgive others who trespass against me.  And you know who you are.

Earlier this week Meryl Streep was a guest on Ellen.  That’s right.  Meryl Streep who I have loved through almost four decades of filmgoing – from as far back as Kramer vs Kramer and The French Lieutenant’s Woman ( was that really thirty-five years ago?) to August: Osage County as recently as two weeks ago.  Meryl was on the same small screen with my new BFF Ellen de Generes and they were hotter than a two-dollar pistol together.

Meryl had vacationed in South Africa in 2013 and entertained Ellen with stories from her trip.




The conversation took a few turns from the African adventure and wound up in Osage County, Oklahoma.


The final segment of the show was typical of Ellen’s poking fun at her guests, and Meryl wasn’t spared.  Ellen asked Meryl to read ordinary cooking recipes as different characters, and the results were hilarious!


Oh, how I love women.  Regardless of color, race, sexual orientation, economic circumstances,  spiritual leanings,  religious or political preferences.  Okay – now I have gone too far and tipped the scales into hyperbole on the last two.  I reserve the right of first refusal there.

As for my personal preferences for women, however, give me funny and liberal thinkers any day of the week over humorless and narrow-mindedness.  This week I was lucky enough to see two of my favorite women interacting in a somewhat unstructured albeit artificial setting, and all I had to do was sit back and enjoy.

Thoughtful commentary be damned.  Full speed ahead.

About Sheila Morris

Sheila Morris is a personal historian, essayist with humorist tendencies, lesbian activist, truth seeker and speaker in the tradition of other female Texas storytellers including her paternal grandmother. In December, 2017, the University of South Carolina Press published her collection of first-person accounts of a few of the people primarily responsible for the development of LGBTQ organizations in South Carolina. Southern Perspectives on the Queer Movement: Committed to Home will resonate with everyone interested in LGBTQ history in the South during the tumultuous times from the AIDS pandemic to marriage equality. She has published five nonfiction books including two memoirs, an essay compilation and two collections of her favorite blogs from I'll Call It Like I See It. Her first book, Deep in the Heart: A Memoir of Love and Longing received a Golden Crown Literary Society Award in 2008. Her writings have been included in various anthologies - most recently the 2017 Saints and Sinners Literary Magazine. Her latest book, Four Ticket Ride, was released in January, 2019. She is a displaced Texan living in South Carolina with her wife Teresa Williams and their dogs Spike, Charly and Carl. She is also Naynay to her two granddaughters Ella and Molly James who light up her life for real. Born in rural Grimes County, Texas in 1946 her Texas roots still run wide and deep.
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25 Responses to Somebody STOP Me!

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  2. The SuperBowl, Bruno Mars, and the Puppy Bowl. It’s too much awesomeness to process. And I love Ellen, I think she’s the best.


  3. “…albeit artificial setting” <– funny but true =) I've seen this episode and it was hilarious. I'm a fan of both celebrities too =)


  4. Reblogged this on Papertrailsandtales and commented:
    Ellen and Meryl (yet again) and a good doze of laughter.


  5. Robyn says:

    Damn, wish I had seen it. If I sense a detour into truly thoughtless commentary, you will hear from me.


  6. waysideartist says:

    I’ll keep it short as I can hardly keep my eyes open tonight – Thy cup runneth (sp?) over! What a season of excitement! Throw in Chinese New Year and Groundhog Day and it’s a wonder you don’t need meds to walk a straight line. 😀

    Enjoy, enjoy!!


    • just so you know – we have plenty of meds – and so far none of them help us to walk a straight line!! 🙂


      • Ha! Mine don’t either. And let me tell you, with or without meds, my John Wayne hitch is getting more realistic. 🙂

        Do get a supply of popcorn in and enjoy the entertainment. We’re looking forward to the Puppy Bowl and Westminster.


      • Frightening to have a hitch in our get-along, isn’t it? 😦

        Every once in a while T brings us leftover popcorn from what they pop fresh daily at the Mast General Store. Most delicious popcorn ever so we will have plenty for Puppy Bowl and Westminster. Sorry we can’t share!


      • Yummy! Nothing like real popcorn!! 🙂 My favorite snack.

        Stay warm and safe during this crazy winter storm your getting.




      • We will do our best to stay warm and dry! Snow is falling in the counties all around us, but nothing so far at Casa de Canterbury. Probably coming tonight. Difficult for our weathermen to accurately predict since they have so little practice with it. 🙂


      • Even when they do have practice, they often get it wrong! Two storms ago we started out getting a “dusting,” and ended up with 10 inches. 😀


      • Hahaha…we are all laughing at that one!! 10 inches…Sweet Jesus, as The Red Man would say.


  7. Woohoo, what a great post. It has my name in it! 😉 yup, another Ellen post and the best yet because it’s got Meryl in it, too. I had forgotten about the French Lieutenant’s Woman! Was that really Streep? I don’t remember it being her. I hate it when there is a blow to my confidence about my supermemory.


  8. Bob Lamb says:

    Do I sense a sneak attack of happiness in this particular blog? I certainly hope so.


    • Greetings, Bob…so glad to hear from you!! Sneak attack of happiness – hahahaha – you got me smiling on that one! Is that how happiness is for those of us who wrestle our demons?? Then yes, January has been a good month for the sunny side!

      On a literary note, I have abandoned my brief foray into fiction and poetry in 2013 due to their being spectacularly unsuccessful.

      I resolved at the end of December to devote the next 18 months to a project of creating biographies of the men and women of South Carolina who have shaped the GLBT movement in our state over the past twenty-five years. I have begun interviews with my first person and yesterday talked with a friend of mine who teaches history at USC. He offered to share guidelines for writing and seemed to think this is a good project.

      What do you think?


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