The Rich Man, Middle Man, Poor Man Tax Reform Act of 2017

So both houses of Congress have now voted to pass their version of the Rich Man, Middle Man, Poor Man Tax Reform Act of 2017 in which the Rich Man becomes measurably (in gazillions) richer while the Poor Man, as Pretty is fond of saying, is another day older.

But what about the Middle Man? The Middle Man has been charged with paying for the gazillions of new debt that will be owed to China, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, drug cartels, money launderers, the Koch Brothers and other major political donors, lobbyist lenders, etc. for generations.  Tsk. Tsk. Shame, shame, shame.

The final draft of the Senate bill will be a surprise for the Senators who voted on it without ever seeing the final draft.  Imagine their surprise if the final version had an addendum requiring all Senators serve without pay for the next 20 years to help pay for the deficits the new tax law generates. Oops. That would never happen, of course, but what a fun thought.

Tax reform proponents tout the corporate tax cuts as the catalyst for economic growth through larger investments at home in the USA including hiring additional employees, major capital renovation and new construction projects while a number of actual CEOs questioned about the corporate tax rate cuts said they planned to use the cuts to reduce their own corporate debt and buy back their own stock. Uh, oh. Stockholders vs. sweat equity. No contest.

Regardless of the consequences to the country, the president had his first major legislation approved on the very same day that Lt. General Michael Flynn, his former National Security Advisor, plead guilty to lying to the FBI concerning the Russia investigation which the White House suggests is fake news and akin to going snipe hunting. The plea carries a maximum five year jail term so Mike Flynn is beginning to feel like the fake investigation is very real.

Talk about a mess. Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief.

They were all in the news in Washington, D. C. this week – even the Indian Chief who watched two Navajo WWII Code Talkers honored at an official White House event as they stood beneath a portrait of former president Andrew Jackson who is known for his disgraceful treatment of Native Americans (think Trail of Tears) and heard the current president make a racial slur during the ceremony by referring to a Democratic Senator as Pocahontas. Can anybody help me here.

Now the Sexual Predator in Chief has thrown his support in recent days to the accused child molester running for the Senate in the state of Alabama, Roy Moore. Come on, Alabama, I’m pulling for you to stand up for decency ten days from here when you go to the voting booths…please.

Somebody stop me.

Okay. I’m thinking back to happier times at Casa de Canterbury and wondering if they were the good ol’ days.

Pretty Too and Pretty – Christmas – 2011


Smokey Lonesome Ollie in December, 2011

I’m hoping the rest of December turns out to be less stressful than the first couple of days – for everyone.

Stay calm, stay patient in traffic, stay tuned.






About Sheila Morris

Sheila Morris is a personal historian, essayist with humorist tendencies, lesbian activist, truth seeker and speaker in the tradition of other female Texas storytellers including her paternal grandmother. In December, 2017, the University of South Carolina Press published her collection of first-person accounts of a few of the people primarily responsible for the development of LGBTQ organizations in South Carolina. Southern Perspectives on the Queer Movement: Committed to Home will resonate with everyone interested in LGBTQ history in the South during the tumultuous times from the AIDS pandemic to marriage equality. She has published five nonfiction books including two memoirs, an essay compilation and two collections of her favorite blogs from I'll Call It Like I See It. Her first book, Deep in the Heart: A Memoir of Love and Longing received a Golden Crown Literary Society Award in 2008. Her writings have been included in various anthologies - most recently the 2017 Saints and Sinners Literary Magazine. Her latest book, Four Ticket Ride, was released in January, 2019. She is a displaced Texan living in South Carolina with her wife Teresa Williams and their dogs Spike, Charly and Carl. She is also Naynay to her two granddaughters Ella and Molly James who light up her life for real. Born in rural Grimes County, Texas in 1946 her Texas roots still run wide and deep.
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8 Responses to The Rich Man, Middle Man, Poor Man Tax Reform Act of 2017

  1. Susanne says:

    It was quite a week in the US news, that’s for sure. I shake my head in the wonder of it.

    Pretty and Pretty Too are pretty pretty! What manner of pooch is Ollie? He looks sort of like a Schnauzer but not quite.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, quite a week – it would be nice to have a calmer one.
      Thank you for the pretty pretty comments – and Ollie was a dog we found in our neighborhood not long after we got together in 2001. We were never sure about his heritage, but he had the distinction of having one blue eye and one brown eye to go with that precious face. When I had a real job, he went to work with me every day for many, many years. My clients loved him.
      Sadly, we lost Ollie in 2013 to cancer. I still miss him every day.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Susanne says:

        I’m sorry that Ollie isn’t with you anymore, Sheila. I understand the attachment to our 4-legged friends. My little mutt is my personal trainer and a trustworthy confidante. He is 9 so I hope we have a few more years together.

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s so nice to have a personal trainer who is also a trustworthy confidante. A rare commodity.
        Continue to treasure yours – may you have many more good years together.

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  2. Harry Hamid says:

    In the old days, the Democrats were criticized for rushing bills through. The old Pelosi “We have to pass the bill to see what is in it” line really got some mileage.

    Oh well.

    I’m hoping next year is better. I wouldn’t know what to do with three years where the news was all bad.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wayside Artist says:

    I’m sure Annie, Ollie, Chelsea, and Red would sigh, sit down, then suggest what you need, what we all need, is a good walk in fresh air. Oh, right. Fresh air isn’t an inalienable right in Uncle Rumpus’ America. Sigh… I’m old.

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